A Typical Day


A Typical Day at The Beeches Independent School

Although some days are different, our team try to follow a definite structure. A morning lesson lasts 35 minutes. At KS4 and KS5 these lesson times may be doubled in certain subject areas if required.

9am – 12pm – School time

Structured lessons in a classroom environment. Students have a 15 minute break during this time

12.30 – 1pm – Lunchtime

Students have lunch in the dining room or their own dining area

1 – 1.30pm – Intro and Prep

Introduction and preparation for afternoon activities. This may also be used as an opportunity to develop pupil’s social skills by encouraging games or interaction with others

1.30 – 3pm – School time

The afternoon session is normally outside of the classroom. Activities include educational visits, sports activities, practical subjects, citizenship and community involvement and life skills – shopping and cooking for example

3pm –¬†School finishes

3 – 3.15pm – Assembly

Time to recap on afternoon activities, recognise pupils achievements, praise and rewards, whilst monitoring safe departure

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For more information about The Beeches Independent School please contact us on 01733 344448 or email info@spindry.co.uk