Pets As Therapy at The Beeches Uk

26 02.14

Jenny Cornish met Sheila Hall and her dog Biffo, who regularly visit The Beeches children’s home with the charity Pets As Therapy, to talk about the difference they can make to lives.
An unusual volunteer has been helping out in a children’s home in Peterborough – an eight-stone bull mastiff called Biffo.

Making Small Changes That Make a Big Difference

08 01.14

We believe we have encouraged and inspired the children to actively participate in the process and given them the opportunity to make real choices about their personal spaces.

Summer Holidays at The Beeches

30 09.13

Phew! Summer holidays The Beeches can really be a busy time. This year the summer went smoothly though with various day trips and holidays organised which all the children thoroughly enjoyed.