Complaints Policy

This policy is intended to set out how the school will deal with complaints about the school or education.

All young people, members of the school community, members of the local community and any external agencies should feel able to express their views in the full knowledge that they will be dealt with fairly.

We welcome suggestions for improving our work.

All concerns or complaints are important to us and will be investigated with due urgency and thoroughness. We do however need to be clear about the difference between a concern and a complaint. Taking informal concerns seriously at the earliest stage will reduce the numbers that develop into formal complaints.

Our primary concern is the quality education and welfare of each child. Whenever a complaint is upheld, every effort will be made to rectify the issue and, if necessary, action will be taken to try to prevent a reoccurrence of the problem. The school will not investigate anonymous complaints or allegations.

To read our complaints policy in full, please click here.

Contact Us

If you wish to make a complaint or would like to discuss our complaints policy in more detail, please contact us on 01733 344448 or email