Behaviour Policy

We aim to create a safe, secure environment in which young people and adults feel free to relate to each other in a relaxed, friendly, civilized way, safe in the knowledge that they are valued and respected; that they will be listened to, and responded to, with courtesy. We cannot expect our pupils to know instinctively how to behave: example is vitally important. Some young people may not be aware that they are behaving in a way, which is regarded as unacceptable by others; they will need to be told, sensitively, that their manner is offensive or rude etc, and helped to change. We must always be aware of possible cultural differences and address these appropriately. The way in which young people are spoken to, can have an enormous effect on how they feel about themselves, the world and how they subsequently behave towards others. Staff and students are expected to treat each other with respect and are to model good manners and appropriate behavior towards each other and visitors to the school.

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